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loopmasters: monodeluxe deep house vol. 2 - multiformat

loopmasters: monodeluxe deep house vol. microsoft frontpage 2003 buy 2 - multiformat | 651mb

'monodeluxe: deep house vol 2' is the second installment of deep house samples from respected producer monodeluxe! This inspirational collection of deep, loungin' house samples will no doubt feature on many future classics and includes a great selection of beats, musical loops and one-shot samples which are destined to inspire many deep cuts.

monodeluxe's music has been endorsed by djs such as norman jay, jazzanova, thievery corporation and giles peterson. He has remixed artists such as george morel, gerideau, incognito and michael watford amongst many others. His music has appeared on compilations which include music from the rurals, acqua bassino, miguel migs, djspinna and atjazz.

'deep house vol 2' weighs in at 650 mb and includes 3430 samples (24-bit quality), including 319 loops between 120 and 126 bpm and 112 one-shot samples. There are 11 ready-to-play patches for halion, nn-xt, exs, sfz and kontakt soft samplers. Apple loops, reason refill and apple loops versions are available to purchase separately.

in detail, 'deep house 2' includes 32 analogue bass loops, 31 electric bass loops, 40 full drum loops, 27 no kick drum loops, 5 guitar loops, 37 electric piano loops, 6 analogue lick loops, 4 chord groove loops, 3 deep ambient loops, 5 deep rhodes loops, 9 house chord loops, 3 music loops,15 sfx loops, 17 piano loops, 9 string loops, 14 vocal loops, 112 one-shot drum samples and much more besides.

"by planing the new sample pack i wanted to focus on club-friendly and useful ready-to-use samples with a strong and pumping impact and at the same time, include a variety of sound character that matches the different house styles. In particular, the music sample section offers a large range of house music sounds, all with a powerful and strong section of drum loops, hits and basslines.

this new pack is a full inspirational sample library that can be used for many kinds of music production, for media, for labels and for artists. All samples can be combined in a different way to give varied results, even for more laidback music and lounge styles"

please note:
when selecting the appropriate download version for your requirements the zip (main) format includes acidized wav and rex2 loops all single (non-looping) sounds and sampler patches for kontakt, halion, nn-xt, and exs24 soft samplers.

reason refill, ableton live packs and apple loops are not included, and must be purchased where available as separate downloads. Apple loops packs also include any single hits and exs patches where applicable.

technical specifications:
- 24-bit quality
- 649 mb
- 32 analogue bass loops
- 31 electric bass loops
- 40 drum loops
- 27 kickless drum loops
- 5 guitar loops
- 37 electric piano loops
- 6 analouge licks
- 32 chord loops
- 3 deep ambient loops
- 5 rhodes loops
- 9 house chord loops
- 3 music licks
- 15 sfx loops
- 17 pad loops
- 5 piano loops
- 9 string loops
- 29 synth loops
- 14 vox loops
- 112 drum hits
- 319 rex2 files
- 11 soft sampler patches (for kontakt, halion, nn-xt, exs24 and sfz formats).


http://www. Wupload. Com/file/1744672456/no. Lmtmonodehou2mf-samp. Part1. Rar
http://www. Wupload. Com/file/1746868956/no. Lmtmonodehou2mf-samp. Part2. Rar

mirror 1 :

http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/2831362725/no. Lmtmonodehou2mf-samp. Part1. Rar
http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/2831644785/no. Lmtmonodehou2mf-samp. Part2. Rar

mirror 2 :

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mirror 3 :

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travellers (2011) 720p bluray x264 neo

travellers (2011) 720p bluray x264
720p x264 | mkv | english | 1h 28min | 1280x528 | x264 - 5601kbps | dts - 1510kbps | 4. 37 gb
genre: thriller

four friends set out on a motorcycle adventure weekend, clocking up miles in an attempt to outrun their age and urban lifestyles...

download (filesonic)
http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/345889721/tr... _x264. Part1. Rar
http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/345890141/tr... _x264. Part2. Rar
http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/345893011/tr... _x264. download and pay office 2007 Part3. Rar
http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/345879251/tr... _x264. Part4. Rar
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3d movies collection hd [red-cyan or green-magenta glasses]

3d movies collection blueray - 720p & 1080p [red-cyan or green-magenta glasses]
1. Sea monsters a prehistoric adventure 3d 2007 bluray 1080p x264-playhd (red-cyan)

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2. My bloody valentine 3d 2009 720p bluray dts (green-magenta)

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3. Coraline (2009) 1080p bluray x264 (green-magenta)


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the rock (1996) 720p brrip h264-hdscene release neo

the rock (1996) 720p brrip h264-hdscene release
imdb rank: 7. 3/10
english | 136 min | 1280 x 544 | h264 - 2986 kbps | 23. microsoft office publisher 2010 64 bit 976 fps | aac - 400 kbps | 2. 85 gb
genre: action | thriller

stanley goodspeed, who lives in washington d. Cheap adobe illustrator cs5 windows C. , is a biochemist who works for the fbi. Soon after his fiancee carla pestalozzi announces that she is pregnant, stanley gets a call from fbi director james womack. Womack tells stanley that san francisco's alcatraz island has been taken hostage, along with 81 tourists, by marine general francis xavier hummel who, for years, has been protesting the government's refusal to pay benefits to families of war veterans who died during covert military operations. The death of his wife barbara hummel on march 9, 1995 drove general hummel over the edge, and now he's holding hostages in order to get his point across. Stanley is needed because general hummel has stolen some vx gas warheads and has announced that he will launch them onto san francisco unless his demands are met. Stanley knows how to disarm the bombs, but stanley needs someone who knows alcatraz well enough to get him inside...

download (oron)
http://oron. buy microsoft office online for windows xp Com/s5yq8kp7qesd/the. Rock. 1996. 720p. Brrip. H264. Aac-[hdscene-release]. Part1. office 2010 professional vlk Rar. Html
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superman batman apocalypse (2010) dvdrip xvid-dmz

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If you are looking to purchase a luxury car, your dream car, SUV's, a minivan, sport car, or pickup truck for a fraction of the book value, this is the source of information for you. Buying Police Seized Cars from car auctions will save your time and a lot of money by giving you incredible purchasing power.

Every month 1000s of cars get repossessed through various defaults, seizures, tax and surplus laws. Constant influx of new vehicles and enormous expenses needed to store them cause  big discounts! Go directly through the sources to find your bargain. Bids start as low as 95% off the book value.

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